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The "three-processes" punching machine with increasing efficiency

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       The "three-processes" punching machine with increasing efficiency
                                                                   The writer --- Wenzhen Dai
Because this year 's orders are too much, one process of a punching machine is too busy to finish, and even two units are not able to meet the needs of the current orders. The original machine can have 255 products by 4 people per hour, and even two machines can only do 510 by 8 people per hour. But this "three-processes" machines can have 550 by 6 people per hour. Calculated via the highest speed, if the following procedure can be with two machines together, every hour can produce 1100 or so, which can greatly meet our needs. Before that, the problems occurred a lot in this process to meet the delivery. We also were considering to buy a new machine. Even if we want to buy a new, it still should be redesigned. Thus the new one has to be redesigned, and may not be able to meet our needs. So I initiated the use of scrap machine part to make a new one.

The new machine is actually very simple, mainly reference to the previous machine work principle.

The main action of the previous machine is from the oil-cylinder. The defect is that the oil-cylinder is too slow, because it is by the oil to promote the piston and the oil flow is slow, which will lead to a certain speed effect. Its advantage is that the cylinder movement is stable and the strength is also far more than we need. If the pressure was adjusted smaller, the operating speed would be slower. However if faster, it is easy to crush the products, which makes the accuracy also very difficult to control. The stamping method is vertical, and when stamping, it is necessary to let one end of the tube inserted above the end seat before the another head can be inside nylon tube. Moreover, each time only can have one root. This series of reasons will give great influence on speed.

Now this new punching machine is the horizontal. Compared to the previous one, it is really awesome. The main movement of the machine parts are gas-cylinder and cylinder pressure spring positioning piece. I choose a smaller gas-cylinder but the reaction is much faster, because it is pneumatic by air to push the piston. Gas circulation is much larger than the mobility of the oil, so the working speed is relatively fast, also very suitable for our products. In addition, the two relays and two time relays, can control stamping time, which leads the debugging is relatively easy and the effect is relatively good. The old machine stamping speed is relatively slow and daily output is limited, the new machine stamping can have three root per time that is pneumatic with spring positioning effect. The main function of positioning spring piece is to make aluminum tubes in a stability above the machine. Thus it frees the procedure to go first in the base then in the nylon tube. And when operation, as long as the three root set tubes are put up, even without the alignment, they can directly be pressed. This saves time. The quality of the test is also very good, and the machine can achieve the effect I want.

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