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Talents are the most values of an enterprise and its biggest assets.

With upholding the talent principle of “Putting people first, Valuing team work” , YG respects the character and pursuit of every employee, treat them equally according to their ability and performance, and does its utmost to create the best office environment where every employee can give full play to his creativity.
Putting People First

We will do our best to create the enterprise culture where all employees trust each other and are sincere and benevolent, and every employee’s independent character is respected, and every employee can give full play to his creativity with the sense of ownership, so that every employee can feel proud and gratified for the growth and development of the enterprise. Efforts are made to formulate enterprise management system and take relevant measures for training guidance so as to ensure that every employee fulfill his duty and task by legal means.

Fair Treatment

According to every employee’s ability and quality, fair development opportunity is conferred to them. And their ability and performances are appraised in accordance with the fair principle. Consequently, their performances and achievements from their generous efforts are thought highly of and well awarded.

Giving Their Creativity Full play  

Maximize the creation could encourage employees to actively all kinds of conditions of action, strive to make all the personnel in their respective positions can give full play to their creativity and initiative. Actively support and continue to develop talent, in order to develop the potential ability of each employee; Fully respect employees' personal life, on the basis of mutual trust and understanding to create a mature organization culture.

Team Cooperation

We believe that the diverse workforce will produce a variety of ways of thinking, is helpful to improve decision-making and development train of thought, so we advocate team work. A lack of cohesion of the team is like a fragmented, even have a first-class talent cannot effectively the formation of combat effectiveness, only has the solidarity, ability gets

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