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The core value of YG TAPE view:

Right and Wrong views—Customers are right, and we are not  

Development views-- continuous innovation, and strive to do better

Interests views—People and Unit in a single win-win situation

Customers are right, and we are not  

  YG TAPE people forever think ‘the customers are right’ means not only to meet the theirs needs, but also to create their demand; YG TAPE people always think ‘we are not’ because only thinking about that we are not right yet so that we can continue to deny ourselves and challenge ourselves, and remolding ourselves-- to realize the change in the society change, and the win in the society change.

Continuous innovation, and strive to do better

The same concept gene of YG TAPE is not only the individual development guidelines of our employees, but also the staff value constraint. “Customers are always right, and we are not ”, this gene concept will require the individual employees to do better.
The essence of the spirit of innovation is to create the value of difference. The creation of differentiated value comes from the creation of new customers resources.

People and Unit in a single combination

To achieve this goal, YG TAPE will continue to do business model innovation, gradually formed and perfected with YG TAPE characteristics of single win-win model, "people" with a spirit of two innovations, and the "unit" that means the customers value. Each employee creates value for the customers in the different autonomous management body, so as to realize its own value, enterprise value and shareholder value which are naturally reflected.

Each employee joins the independent business to establish a contract with the customers, from the being-managed to the self-management, from the being-required to the self-requirement, to achieve "independence, autonomy, self-promotion", which is the full release of human nature.

A Single win-win model is for employees to provide opportunity fairness and result fairness mechanism platform, for each employee to play two innovation spirit and provide resources and the protection mechanism, so that each employee can be in form of self-organization of initiative innovation and change in the system change, to win in the change. 

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