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YG Development History

YG TAPE, formerly known as Cangnan Longgang Andeli Tape Factory in Wenzhon, was set up in 1995. In January 2002, Shanghai YG Adhesive Products Co., Ltd. was set up and in May 2014, it was transformed as Shanghai YG Adhesive Products Corp. On 15 September, 2014, it was officially listed on the New Three Board (New OTCBB) after being approved by the National Share Reform Center of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises. Finally in July 2015, it was renamed as Shanghai YGZC New Materials Technology (Group) Corp. Through 20 years’ development, YG TAPE has built itself up as a solution provider in the adhesive product industry with duct tape and masking tape as the knockout products and many other products including PVC tape, glass fiber tape and cleaning tape.   

Historical Experience Accumulation

1. Industrial Scale: we boast duct tape production of the largest scale in China with our knockout products enjoying advanced technology and steady market and an annual sales increase of 20%;

2. Management Experience: since setting up our company, we have gradually improved the internal control system, and according to the reality of our company, we also have formulated the internal management system in terms of planning, purchase, production, sales, finance and capital, human source, etc. Meanwhile with making use of advanced management system such as OA and ERP, our group management and control model has preliminarily taken shape with our branch companies serving as the main body of production and operation and the parent company as the platform of planning and control.   

3, Team Building: we have built up a talent system with career attracting talent, performance appraising talent, remuneration motivating talent and responsibility refining talent. At present, we boast over 200 graduates from polytechnic colleges and secondary vocational schools and more than 50 senior talents in the fields of management, technology, finance and marketing.  

4. Technology Development: At present we are equipped with competent ability of technology development with over ten “invention” patents and several “utility” patents. Additionally, we have applied for  another 14 invention patents. Meanwhile we have passed many certifications such as ISO9001-2008, REACH, America UL, Canada CSA, EU ROHS, Global BSCI, etc, and met the SGS, and been conferred as Shanghai High-tech Enterprise, Shanghai Little Technology Giant Incubator and Shanghai Qingpu Technology R&D Central Enterprise. 

5. Enterprise Culture: With formulating our slogan of “Pursuing Great Development and Winning Global Reputation” and our unique YG spirit, great efforts have been made to found the YG Quarterly, YG TAPE Website, the Wechat Public Account, etc, so that we can advance our enterprise culture development with promoting enterprise ideas and gaining enterprise harmony.  


1.  At present we still have a huge dependence on traditional production factors including  investment and land, but a low contribution rate of modern resources such as knowledge progress, technological innovation and IT. Additionally the relatively low added values and uncertainty form exchange rate fluctuations exert big influences on company profits. Therefore, additional efforts need to be made to ensure that technological innovation and market demand-supply match each other;

2. Market Competition Risk

The industry of adhesive and tape are fully open to competition. At present the characteristics of this industry include many companies, small scale, diverse distribution, low industrial density and bipolarization operation trend. Though some of our domestic companies are able to compete against foreign brands internationally in term of some middle-and high-end products, the whole domestic industry is still relatively subject to competition. There is no doubt that with some technological accumulation, we have obtained a relatively high market share when it comes to some products such as duct tape, but the whole domestic is still faced with a certain market risks.

3. Price Fluctuations of Raw Materials 

The upstream industry of adhesive and tape is the chemical industry producing resin and rubber, which means that the supply prices of resin and rubber exert big effects on the  industrial development of adhesive and tape and its profit conditions. The main raw materials that our company need for production  include PE film, LDPE particle, SBS rubber, natural resin, natural resin, petroleum resin naphthenic oil, etc, and the prices of these chemical raw materials are related to the prices of raw materials for the upstream industry as well as the market demand-supple. Therefore, both the big margin increase of prices of raw materials and frequent fluctuations will produce an adverse influence on the business performance of our company in future. 


As the saying goes that development is of overriding importance. Solid outlook on development is the engine of the success of YG TAPE; The advanced governance structure of the core team holding shares serves as the important guarantee our steady development; The powerful production ability and unprecedented achievements make YG TAPE remarkable. 

Faced with new situations, we strictly abide by the guidance of YG spirit and the law of industrial development. With upholding the market law of survival of the fittest, we keep making great efforts to explore new markets and products with courage and practice, so that we hope within 5 years, we can uplift our industrial development to a new level with readjusting our product structure; additionally, improved management, advanced technology and strengthened competitiveness will secure us greater achievements in terms of economic returns and social benefits.

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