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Ⅰ. Company Profile
(One) Basic Information

SHANGHAI YONGGUAN ADHESIVE PRODUCTIONS CORP.,LTD,was set up in 2002, and now it boasts two production base of the Zhujiajiao Industrial Park in Qingpu district Shanghai and Yuanshangang Industrial Park in Dongxiang county, Fuzhou city, Jiangxi province respectively and with a total area more than 200,000m2 and over 1300 employees.
Our company is specialized in producing various middle-and high end adhesive products which are environmental friendly, and among of all products pipeline tape serves as our knockout one which is widely used in the field of tape industry at home and ranks on the top abroad. With using the advanced management system of ERP, advantage of excellent supporting industrial chain and equipments for large-scale production, we have won trust from our partners and customers in terms of time, quality, cost and service. Most of our products are exported to many countries and regions with Japan, Europe, America and other developed regions as the main destination and Southeast Asia, Central East, Australia and South America as the side destination.

Two) Technology Advantage

In 2009, our company was conferred as Shanghai High-tech Enterprise, Shanghai Little Technology Giant Incubator and Shanghai Qingpu Technology R&D Central Enterprise. We have passed many certifications such as ISO9001-2008, REACH, America UL, Canada CSA, EU ROHS, Global BSCI, etc, and met the SGS.

(Three)  Our Main Products
Our main products include duct tape, cleaning tape, masking tape, PVC electrical tape, kraft paper tape, OPP sealing tape. And our industrial chain has also been fully developed with new fields such as paper making, special paper processing, plastic injection, glue manufacturing, pipe manufacturing, cardboard box manufacturing, printing, packing and design.  

Ⅱ Forecast on Future Development
Fierce competition exists in our domestic tape industry, but most enterprises only produce low-end products. With the economic development at home, various high-tech products of different types such as improved version, special version, reaction version and nano version ( all kinds of pressure-sensitive glue and tape for electronics, anti-counterfeiting, heat- and cold-resistant and medical use) will enjoy a good market. As present, we have mastered the core technology with a certain scale capacity, and based on what have achieved we will launch new products of our own brand in future and make great efforts to tap our domestic market. 

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